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Concours sur la coopération internationale

The theme of this fifth edition of the competition on International Cooperation focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The competition is open to all schools in Switzerland, from the 7P class to the end of the secondary level II (for students aged between 10 and 19 years).

Theme: Sustainable Development Goals

Seventeen global goals were adopted on September 25th 2015 at a United Nations summit in New York. The summit brought together the leaders of the 193 United Nations member states to mark the future strategy of global development. These new objectives are called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the deadline set to 2030, the SDGs aim at meeting the economic, social and environmental challenges of the planet.
Switzerland was actively involved in this global discussion and took part in the definition of these new goals. Four of them were highlighted as being priority action points for Switzerland and constitute the themes of this years' competition:

How to participate

1. Choose a category

2. Choose one or more themes to focus on

1. Water security for all;
2. Maximise health for all, at all ages;
3. Gender equality, women's rights and empowerment of women and girls;
4. Sustainable peace and non-violent societies.

3. Register for the competition (on Eduki Web site)

4. Complete your project in the classroom
and with the support of Eduki (optional)

1. Read the concept and the competition rules carefully.
2. Use the available links.
3. Ask to visit one of the International Organizations based in Geneva or join a guided tour: or 022 919 42 09.
4. Call an expert to get some advice on the project you are planning to do.

Do you want to carry out a real project but you don't know where to start? Contact us on or 022 919 42 09

5. Submit your project on the Eduki Web page by February 28, 2016

6. Attend the awards ceremony on April 22, 2016 at the United Nations Office in Geneva

The projects, art work and media creations will be evaluated by an independant jury and the best will receive a price.

Objectives of the competition

  • To enable students/classes/schools to develop real projects that could be implemented locally and have a multiplier effect in Switzerland or abroad. The competition could bring to light innovative projects and facilitate their reproduction in other Swiss regions.
  • To promote students' creativity and imagination.
  • To increase awareness and understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • To raise awareness of students in both private and public schools about the importance of International Cooperation. Introduce them to the work of the different international organisations and the actors of civil society present in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Contribute to citizenship education by providing students some tools to think more deeply about the world surrounding them. And help them understand the social, economic and environmental interdependencies in the world.

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