Competition 2019/2020

Competition 2019/2020 and Bourse Françoise Demole

After the success of the previous competitions, Eduki is pleased to launch a new edition of its national competition on the Sustainable Development Goals in the autumn of 2019/2020. Entitled "Take action for peace!” this edition gives students the opportunity to contribute to the SDGs with their messages and ideas for a more peaceful and sustainable world. Registration will open on 3 September 2019. Many activities will be available for participants throughout the 2019 autumn semester.

The big novelty of this edition is the possibility for students from secondary II (approx. 16 to 19 years old) to submit their projects to the Françoise Demole Award. This will honor the best idea for a concrete action by giving it the opportunity to come true.

Competition 2019/2020

For this seventh edition, the theme chosen is Peace as defined by the Sustainable Development Goal 16: peace, justice and effective institutions. The Eduki competition is open to all students from primary, secondary I and II schools throughout Switzerland. The competition aims to give young people a space for reflection and expression so that they share their vision of a peaceful and sustainable world.

But what do we mean by a lasting peace as defined by SDG 16?

Goal 16 seeks to promote the development of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. It also aims to ensure access to justice for all and to build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions.

A lasting peace is therefore the one that integrates justice for all the inhabitants of the planet and equal access to it.

How can we reach that goal and how can we contribute to it?

There are many ways to contribute to SDG 16. Speak up against social media harassment for example or fight any forms of extremism. Sign up for the competition and share your words and ideas of actions for the peace.

To help you in the preparation of the competition, Eduki will organize several special activities for classes related to the theme of the competition:

  • Sign up for a guided tour on peace and discover the monuments dedicated to peace in the neighbourhood of Nations in Geneva.
  • Book a meeting with an expert from international or non-governmental organizations working for peace from Geneva.
  • Follow us on our social networks to see content related to the theme to inspire you for your project.

Other activities will gradually be added to the program. Subscribe to our mailing list for the competition to be informed of the latest news.

Bourse Françoise Demole

The Françoise Demole Award aimes to facilitate the realization of youth initiatives for sustainable development, in connection with international Geneva.

The award thus provides financial support (CHF 10,000) for an exemplary project presented in the Eduki competition and which integrates a close relationship with an international cooperation actor (international organizations / non-governmental organizations) working towards the SDG theme of the competition and present in Switzerland.

Entries for the Françoise Demole Award will open in September 2019, at the same time as the competition.

* The Françoise Demole Award is aimed at Secondary II students enrolled in the concrete action category.

To participate

  • Join our mailing list so we can send you all the news related to the contest.
  • Start thinking about your project and see you in September 2019 to register on our site!

Participation modalities

  • The Competition may be conducted individually, by group, by class or by school.
  • Participants may submit work in one of three categories: artistic work, media production, concrete action.
  • The projects that are candidates for the Françoise Demole Award are projects submitted in the "Concrete Action" category of the Competition by young people in principle at the secondary II level, ie students aged between 16 and 19 years old.

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