International Geneva: international players for global challenges

Switzerland has built an image of credibility, reliability and quality (infrastructure, hospitality) which is certainly a major asset and which allows the country to enjoy an excellent reputation for its humanitarian commitments and policy of good offices (mediation between states). Being the first global center in terms of the concentration of international meetings and actors, International Geneva is an asset for Switzerland. It gives the country greater weight in international relations, thus enabling the objectives of the Confederation to be accomplished more effectively.

A central city both geographically and through historical negotiations, Geneva is one of the most active centres of multilateral diplomacy in the world.

International Geneva

Documents to download

International Geneva
Dossier Genève internationale
UN | fr | File (PDF)
International Geneva
International Geneva fact sheet
UNOG | en | File (PDF)
International Geneva

What characterizes Geneva as an international city?

  • Eduki-icone-communication

    The fact that different languages are spoken there

  • Eduki-icone-organisation

    The presence of a large number of important international organizations

  • Eduki-icone-avion

    The fact that there is an international airport

International Geneva


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