Panorama of professions

The professions in International Cooperation: a very vast domain. Indeed, the activities, the themes and professional skills required are very varied. It is a fascinating and gratifying world which offers an opening on the world as well as huge moral satisfaction.

To work in Cooperation means making fascinating cultural exchanges, developing a humanist mind, stimulating your intellect and living an enriching work experience.

However, it is a highly competitive sector, where the requirements are strict and there is strong competition. Therefore, the conditions are not always easy to find paid work in International Cooperation.

To work within International Cooperation "is a state of mind before being a job".

"It is not the world which we choose, but one in which we belong for reasons of personal convictions and through the desire to help ". Julie

Panorama of professions

10 advice from experts for young people

  • 1

    Learn languages: French, English and Spanish but also in order to stand out learn languages such as Arabic, Russian or Chinese.

  • 2

    Do internships, volunteer, do things which are out of the ordinary to create added value to your CV and, especially, to define your professional project.

  • 3

    Go out in the field, enrich yourself through practical experiences without turning up like "omniscient cowboys, but with a lot of respect and humility " ( Mireille).

  • 4

    Identify your area of interest and develop an expertise.

  • 5

    Define your professional expectations and have a dream.

  • 6

    Be interested in other cultures, be human, altruistic and tolerant.

  • 7

    Believe in yourself and in your capacities, be open-minded.

  • 8

    Keep in mind that there is a wide range of jobs in Cooperation, whether it is a desk-job or in the field, and that all do not require an academic background.

  • 9

    Maintain your academic network and create a good professional network of contacts and inquire about the young professionals programs.

  • 10

    Be patient, persistent, ambitious, flexible and multi-purpose.

Panorama of professions

Graphic designer, interpreter or nutritionist? It's possible!

Panorama of professions

Interviews with professionals

Discover the interviews made with professionals from International Geneva.