Guided tours

For a brief introduction to International Geneva, the Eduki Foundation invites classes to discover the neighborhood of "Nations" with a guide and to learn about the history of some of the main international organizations based in Geneva.

A guided tour of the Nations quarter

Classe réalisant le tour guidé. Place des Nations

Guided tours represent an original and entertaining introduction to the themes of international relations. They are suitable for classes of 10 to 19 year olds: we adjust the content to the age and level of the participants. At the end of the tour, students complete a quiz to test the knowledge they will have acquired.

Geneva, the largest of the small towns

Your guide will inform you about the roles of some of the big international organizations based in Geneva.

The organizations included in the tour are the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United Nations, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the World Meteorological Organization and the World Trade Organization.

The guided tour is modular in its content (focus on international organizations, non-governmental organizations or monuments) and its duration (from 1 to 2 hours).


This activity does not require preparation from the students, since it is a discovery activity.

If the teacher wishes to prepare their class or take up the themes covered during the guided tour in class, we recommend the information file (PDF- 20 Mo) or the information sheet (PDF- 14 Mo) of International Geneva (more documents are available in the "Resources" tab).