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Let's break the chains of exclusion. One picture, one goal, one cause.

Secondary II (2nd grade of swiss graduation, approx. 15-16 years)

As part of the Eduki national competition 2019/2020, students from the International School of Geneva, La Châtaigneraie in the canton of Vaud have created a work of art illustrating characters made of enamelled stoneware. Using this vehicle, the pupils wanted to represent mutual help, mutual respect and tolerance. In this way, they wanted to break down the prejudices and discrimination that many people suffer from. Through this project, the students wanted to illustrate the acceptance of all, tolerance, which is an integral part of the definition of peace. In this way, by exhibiting their work in their school, they promote peace in their school while at the same time raising awareness about the harassment that some students may suffer because of their differences.

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