Young Reporters at the UN

This activity offers young people the opportunity to visit the UN as a budding journalist and attend a press conference specially organized for them. A mediator and spokespersons from various international organizations will make a presentation and respond to questions.

Press conferences for young people

Jeunes reporters à l'ONU

The press conferences are organized specially for Secondary II pupils. They take place once a month and cover a different theme each time. Spokespeople or experts from various international organizations are invited to speak. Young reporters attend the press conference, take notes and ask questions.

At the end of the press conference, the young people have the mission of spreading the news about international cooperation to their class, their establishment or the general public. They can, for example, write a press article, make a radio show, a video report or a news story on a blog or on social networks.

This activity can be done individually, by class, or by turns (a class divides the conferences between students throughout the year).

Schedule for 2017/2018

11 October 2017 Journalistic Session
22 November 2017 Global warming: 2 years after the Paris Agreement
24 January 2018 How does a refugee camp work
28 February 2018 Clean Energy at an Affordable Cost: the challenges
28 March 2018 Internet & Security
02 May 2018 Trafficking in human beings and forced labor


The work done by the young reporters



Article published in the UN Special
Written by Aijan, Emilie-Gourd
 high school



Snapchat post 
By Thibaud, de Saussure
 high school





Radio show by Fréquence Banane
Par Sidi, de Saussure high school



Please note

Articles will be selected each semester to be published in the UN magazine UN Special. A certificate of participation will be given to reporters who have attended at least 3 conferences.