Science and Research: a field which impacts us all

Geneva is a recognized academic and intellectual hub, where researchers and experts share their knowledge daily in a research-friendly environment. As the headquarters of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva is at the forefront of fundamental research that explores the origins of the universe. Several research and training centres as well as internationally renowned academic institutions are also based in the Geneva region.

More generally, the web that we use daily, the weather forecast that we watch regularly or the routine medical checks we submit to, all result from scientific research.

Science and Research

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Science and research
Dossier Sciences et recherche
CERN | fr | File (PDF)
Science and research
Fiche Science et recherche
WMO | fr | File (PDF)
Science and Research

In which international organization, based in Geneva, was the first website for internal communication created?

  • Eduki-icone-cern

    European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

  • Eduki-icone-onu

    United Nations (UN)

  • Eduki-icone-oms

    World Health Organization (WHO)

Science and Research


Here you will find interesting videos that will show you the impact of science and research on our daily lives.