Human Rights: equal rights for all

Human Rights are fundamental rights that respect the universal values of dignity, freedom, equality and justice. They apply everywhere and to all people, without distinction.

Geneva, as the headquarters of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), and to the presence of a large number of NGOs, secretariats and monitoring bodies, has for many years been a major player in the defense and promotion of Human Rights.

Human Rights

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Human Rights Dossier Droits de l'Homme add
Human Rights Fiche Droits de l'Homme add
Internet, post and telecommunications Dossier Liberté d'expression (Hors série) add
Human Rights

Which pact sets out the freedoms and fundamental rights of all women and all men in all countries?

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    The Geneva Conventions

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    Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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    The Paris Accord

Human Rights


Here are some interesting videos to help you discover the work of International Organizations and NGOs in the defense of Human Rights.