Secondary school II : Students year 13 BPOP (17-19 years old)

Ecole Internationale de Genève - Campus des Nations, Genève (GE)

As part of the national Eduki 2023/2024 competition entitled "My future, my ideas!" focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals, students came up with the following project: "The idea behind my project was to create an animation using multiple media to illustrate man's impact on the environment and the fact that the only way to reverse the harm we've caused is to actively work to repair it. The story of the animation I've created aims to show the fictional consequences of environmental damage, in this case waste. Plastic pollution is one of the main environmental concerns, with microplastics being found in every environment in the world, in water supplies, etc. I wanted to explore how these elements might appear in a fictional environment, in a more metaphorical way."

SDGs concerned : Climate Action (13) and Life On Land (15).

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