This activity provides students with the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of reporters and to interview specialists in international cooperation. They conduct a film interview with an expert, with the support of a UN cameraman.

Interviews filmed by young people

Students choose a theme of international cooperation (Health, Humanitarian aid, Migration, ...). In class and in groups of 5 students, they write 5 questions to ask the expert. They then meet with the experts at the “Palais des Nations” (United Nations Office in Geneva). The interview is filmed by a UN cameraman. The project is for young people who wish to learn more about international cooperation in a fun interactive way. If it is desired, it is also possible for the student to participate individually.


Human rights
Economy, Labor and Development
International Geneva
Professions in International cooperation
Humanitarian aid, Refugees and Migration


Internet, post and telecommunications
Peace and Disarmament
Population, culture and education
Intellectual property
Science and research
United Nations System

Non-exhaustive list

Exemple of questions

(Please don't hesitate to use some of them!)

  • What was it like to live out of a suitcase for many years?
  • How was your first day at work?
  • What impressed you the most during your career?
  • How many refugees are there in the world?
  • Which country is the biggest pollutor?
  • What is Ebola? How can we protect populations from pandemic diseases?
  • Why is the UN in Geneva?

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Perception Change Project



1. Choose a theme of international cooperation.

2. Receive a short biography of the person to be interviewed, expert of the chosen theme.

3. Write 5 questions in class about the professional and/or personal experience of the expert.

4. Go to the UN to interview the expert.

5. Watch the video and enjoy the result!