Competition 2009/2010

Breaking down walls to build a better world

The awards ceremony for the 2009/2010 competition took place on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at the Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI).

This year we received a large amount of artwork of very good quality. You will find a selection of drawings at the end of this section. The artwork has been classified in two categories: message and technique. On the one hand, the jury awarded the artwork which had the most relevant message with the theme of the contest "making walls fall to build a better world" and on the other hand, the technical and artistic quality of the projects.

The Grand Prize of the Jury rewards the excellent work of 5 students at the Applied Arts Vocational Training Center.

List of winners

Grand Prize of the Jury

"Until when?"
Applied Arts Vocational Training Center

Best report

"What it means to break down the walls?"
Sismondi high school

Best "technical" Artwork

"Peace of Mind"
Internationale school of Geneva

Second prize for "technical" Artwork

"Bridge Between" and "Alone"
Internationale school of Geneva

Best "Message" Artwork

"This isn't a wall"
Internationale school of Geneva

Second prize for "message" Artwork

"Ridding the world of all kinds of discrimination"
Internationale school of Geneva

Concours 2009/2010 : Remise des Prix du 22/10/2010