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The bird of peace

Secondary II (approx. 16 years)

As part of the Eduki national competition 2019/2020, the students of the Cantonal School of General Culture of Delémont in the canton of Jura produced an artistic work illustrating the theme of peace. The students chose the dove because this bird is a well known world symbol of peace. They also looked at the sustainable development goals and the reuse of waste. Therefore, they used white spoons destined to be thrown out, to give life to their work. The students also wanted to represent the greatness and the importance of peace by the size of their work which is quite imposing. Thus, this project allowed the students to reflect on the importance of peace, its construction and its impact not only in the world, but also within their establishment. Finally, by carrying out this work, they were able to improve mutual aid, indulgence and collaboration within their class.

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