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Every word you speak

Secondary School I: 9P students (13 - 14 years old)

Ecole Internationale de Genève - La Chataigneraie, Vaud (VD) 

As part of the national Eduki 2023/2024 competition entitled "My future, my ideas!" focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals, students came up with the following project: "My piece is a painting that connects to education, specifically a visual metaphor for how people in private schools view education. This project was working on how colour, symbols, text and other imagery can work together. I tried to use a consistent colour scheme to compliment the main subject of the painting, which was painted brightly. As well as trying to use a phrase that would leave the viewer thinking. My piece depicts how education is often a right that many children can’t get whether it is because they have to work or because the school is far or expensive. There is a mouth that is a visual metaphor for how a person in a private school can choose whether to see school as a right and privilege or as something that is unnecessary and boring." 

SDGs concerned: quality education (4), reduced inequalities (10)

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