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Make art - not war

Secondary I (grade 9, 12 to 13 years old)

As part of the Eduki national competition 2019/2020, a group of students from the Burg secondary school in the canton of Basel-Country produced an artwork on the theme of peace. Through "graffiti" they wished in a provocative way, to draw attention to this globally important theme while bringing people to reflect on what is peace. Through this work, the students wanted to transmit a message of peace going straight to the hearts of people. They wanted to express a message of hope and positivism. As the title of their work suggests: "art must be made and not war". Their work symbolizes the darkness of war, and the fusion of man with arms and violence. This obscurity is undermined by a feather synonymous with art and therefore peace. Thus, the students wanted to demonstrate that art can thwart war, and although man is the creator of war, he too can be creator of peace.

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