Secondary II (ESII class, approx. 17 years old)

As part of the Eduki 2019/2020 national competition, students from the Centre for Pre-Professional Training in the Canton of Geneva carried out a soap-making project accompanied by messages of peace from unaccompanied minor migrants. Through this project, the students reflected on sustainable development and its different facets. On the one hand, they wanted to transmit a message of peace within their establishment, and on the other hand, they were able to take more interest in certain sensitive subjects such as unaccompanied minors in Geneva and their experiences. In addition, they were able to understand the concepts of sharing and living together which have been greatly improved thanks to this project. The participants finally understood that without peace, sustainable development is impossible. As a result, they have realized that it is essential to pacify their world on a daily basis so as to contribute to lasting peace in the world.

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