FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why take part of the Eduki Competition? add remove
  • Level of independence: How can a teacher/adult help? add remove
  • How to choose my categories? add remove
  • Is it possible for Swiss schools abroad to take part in the competition? add remove
  • Is there a maximum number of students per group? add remove
  • Form: Should the students fill it in? add remove
  • How to approach the project? Any suggestions for how to get started? add remove
  • Is it mandatory to have results in order to submit a project? add remove
  • What is a media creation? add remove
  • An artwork: What works are accepted? add remove
  • Françoise Demole Award: Is it possible to submit a project that has already been completed? add remove
  • Is there any support for the implementation of "Concrete action" projects? add remove
  • Who decides on the prizes? add remove
  • Ceremony on May 15: Is everyone invited to the ceremony? add remove
  • Where to stay in Geneva? add remove
  • How to get to Geneva? add remove