Forced Displacement

How have the concepts of refugees and displaced persons evolved? What categories of people does the UNHCR care for? Learn about the different types of forced displacement, their history and the conventions designed to defend the rights of different categories of displaced people in our resources.

Forced Displacement

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Forced Displacement
Les déplacements forcés
IOM | fr | File (PDF)
Humanitarian Aid
DH : L'aide humanitaire, les déplacements forcés et les mouvements migratoires
UNAIDS | fr | File (PDF)
Forced Displacement

What is the difference between a migrant and a refugee?

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    A migrant chooses to leave his/her country, a refugee is forced to do so.

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    A refugee enjoys the protection of his/her country, unlike a migrant.

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    No difference

Forced Displacement


Here you will find interesting videos that will help you understand forced displacement.